Why Choose a Graco Mobile Spray Rig

By Kevin Malone

Spray foam contractorsdepend on well-outfitted rigs to complete demanding jobs. Mobile rigs takeeverything you need to complete the job on-site without having to run back toyour warehouse for more material, tools, or accessories. This is why having arig with the right equipment for your operations is critical to stayproductive.

You can buy turnkeypackages that come with standard elements of an SPF rig, or you can customizeany of the equipment inside to meet specific needs. As an experienced SPFequipment distributor, we walk our clients through every item to see if thedefault item, such as a compressor or hose, would work or if another item mayserve them better. Based on your precise needs, you can deviate from standardsetups.

Over the years, wecontinue to recommend Graco products in rigs. Here are some of the reasons whyyou should choose Gracomobile spray rigs.

Graco Spray Rigs at Intech

When you choose a sprayrig outfitted with Graco machines, guns, and hoses, you get a system that ismade to work together. While you can get products from different brands thatare also compatible, buying items from one manufacturer simplifies both therig's assembly and future troubleshooting needs. We recommend keeping theprocess as hassle-free as possible. When you buy all Graco products from adistributor like us, you get reliable help for all your products from the sameplace.

Graco Machines in Rig Packages

Many of the turnkey rigs that we offer have Graco machines in their default packages. This is because Graco offers different models that suit both novice and seasoned contractors. Here are the three main Graco spray foam rigs for sale at Intech. All come with reliable Graco spray foam machines.

  • Classiccontractor E-20 rig:  This entry-level mobile spray foam insulationrig has a strategic combination of budget-conscious equipment, including theGraco Reactor E-20. This model is suited for a small-to-mid scale residentialcontractor.
  • Interstateseries mobile spray foam rig: Thisrig is designed for contractors who typically complete a 40+ hour workweek. Itsdefault equipment is also laid out ergonomically in a 16-foot extended heighttrailer. Contractors who are beyond entry level but not at an industrial levelcan enjoy great performance with several different types of Graco machines. Thedefault packages can include the reactor E-20, E-XP, or H series or Reactor 2.Choose the machine that meets your precise output needs and customize to bringyour productivity up to speed.
  • Proseries rig: If you're acontractor on the high output commercial or industrial level, then the proseries is a great fit for you. This rig is designed to be powerful enough tohandle tough commercial jobs without maxing out your equipment. The defaultmachine for this rig is the Graco E-30 Reactor, but models can easily beswitched out for higher output hydraulic models.

Graco Guns

Graco guns continue totop the list of recommended equipment for contractors who have first-handexperience in the field. Contractors know that guns that clog or producesub-par results will only slow them down and reduce profits. Investing in aGraco gun, which is far less likely to clog and malfunction due to its goodmanufacturing, is a critical part of a well-performing rig.

  • The Graco Fusion AP is a common recommendation for being light and modern in its design. In the SPF market, it is one of the most commonly used guns. It is also considered to be one of the easiest guns to work with and therefore a popular choice for a Graco spray foam rig.
  • TheProbler 2 is often selected bycontractors with years of experience. Though it is a bit more difficult tohandle and more basic than the Fusion AP, it has a familiar way of handlingthat seasoned contractors appreciate. This dependable model has been in themarket for years for its reliability and consistent performance.

Your choice of gundepends on your user preferences, application needs, and skill level. Gracoprovides products that meet the differing needs in the industry. If you needassistance selecting anything, contact us today.

Graco Spray Rigs For Sale

Intech Equipment and Supply is a full-servicespray foam equipment and parts supplier. We're also a top supplier of Gracoproducts and can customize a reliable rig for your business.

Contact us today to learn more about the excellent Graco equipment that can go in your mobile rig.

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