Top 4 Reasons to Choose a Graco Machine

More people than ever are choosing spray foam for new construction projects and to re-roof or re-insulate existing structures. This choice is made in spite of the higher cost of polyurea insulation. This is because there are many long-term benefits of using spray foam like structural soundness, weatherproofing, and long-lasting insulation— which are well worth the initial cost.

In the spray foam market, the quality of the equipment you choose determines your business’s future. Successful contractors must have a dependable machine that delivers consistent performance. Without the possibility of excellent results, it will be hard to please clients who desire quality spray foam insulation.

In this industry, one brand stands out as one of the most dependable manufacturers of spray foam machines: Graco. Here are the top 4 reasons to choose a Graco spray foam machine.

Reason #1: Quality Products

When contractors shop for a spray foam machine, they naturally want one that works well. If you search for the gold standard in spray foam equipment, Graco is a name that will inevitably appear. This widespread positive reputation did not happen by chance. Graco has over 90 years of history and is a leading spray foam machine manufacturer in today’s market.

Graco has been a top player in the spray foam market and a major supplier of equipment that makes stunning results. Over time, the Graco machine has evolved to become more user-friendly, simpler to operate, and easier to maintain. Also, they constantly fine-tune their machines and spray foam guns to reduce downtime and maximize performance.

Reason #2: Versatility

Graco’s high-quality machines meet the varying needs of different contractors. While some competing brands offer just a few models that focus on a specific type of application, such as low-output residential, Graco has a vast range of products to help modern SPF contractors. This variety means that there is bound to be a machine that is right for you.

If you want a small but effective machine for medium-output residential projects, then the Graco E-20 is known for its awesome value and performance. It is an electric machine so it has more power than a smaller air-powered model, so it can handle standard small-to-mid scale jobs.

Full-time contractors in the commercial or residential realm can upgrade to the Graco H-25 or Reactor E-30 for additional power. For roofing, a hydraulic machine is best to not max out. In this class, the H-50 is a popular model, while the H-40 has less output but still does a great job. Every product is meant to offer great value for its price and meet contractors where they are in their business operations.

Reason #3: Responsive Customer Service

Buying a machine from an unknown manufacturer comes with certain risks like uncertain product quality and customer service. This is why contractors prefer buying a machine from a known manufacturer like Graco, which has excellent return policies, customer support for troubleshooting, and many reps available for support.

When you buy from our Intech Store as well, you can get some added benefits of speaking with reps from any of our 4 locations in the continental United States. This also ensures that replacement parts and in-person assistance are no more than a day or two away— and in your time zone. Also, many emergency parts and equipment can be rushed on the same day.

Reason #4: Modern Improvements

Graco’s models continue to improve with better designs to promote user-friendly troubleshooting, quicker maintenance, and less downtime. New machines are equipped with solutions like remote control and reporting apps like the Reactor App. This application brings modern-day habits of using devices to control machinery into the spray foam industry. It solves a long-desired need for the intelligent, remote tracking and operational control of spray foam machines.

Graco’s newest models of machines, like the Reactor 2 H-30, also come equipped with software and hardware enhancements that ensure better spray performance. Since precise chemical reactions are required for spray foam, Graco’s advanced control technology gives contractors peace of mind. It allows you to track, monitor, and save project data so that you know everything that is going on during the project.

Innovations like these are just the tip of the iceberg for the typical Graco spray machine. To learn more, talk to one of our customer service specialists today.

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