Care Tips for Graco Polyurea Spray Foam Equipment

At Intech Equipment and Supply, we promote brands that keep your spray foam business running smoothly. Functional machines, guns, and accessories are your key to success in an industry where daily maintenance is the norm and too much downtime can be detrimental. This is why we highly recommend Graco polyurea equipment to all our customers. Every spray foam professional, novice or pro, can benefit from equipment that simply works better.

Graco manufactures intelligent machines that you can control from your smartphone and receive up-to-date reports on its performance. Enjoy spray foam guns that aren’t likely to clog like other brands while promising optimal mixing and consistent results. These are just some of the benefits of owning Graco polyurea rigs and equipment. The initial investment in these high-quality products pay for themselves in the increased levels of efficiency, quality in application, and longevity of the products.

Maintaining Your Graco Proportioner

Every Graco proportioner model has different characteristics that dictate its specific maintenance requirements. The overall key to maintaining your Graco spray foam machine is to keep it clean, adhere to the startup and shutdown procedures, and to follow all operational protocols regarding your specific model.

Since every maintenance schedule is unique to its frequency of use and individual components, here are the manuals that give exact guidelines and maintenance details:

Periodic Maintenance: Graco recommends that you establish a preventative maintenance schedule for your machine. Write down when you perform which kind of maintenance and make regular intervals for checking these components, which may include but are not limited to:

  • Grease the pressure relief or circulation valves: This is to be done weekly on average with Fusion grease.
  • Avoid material crystallization: If applicable, do not allow component A to come into contact with moisture, and use desiccants to curb moisture levels in the material drum.
  • Keep it Free of Dust: Clean up any buildup on fans, control modules, and motor as needed.
  • Gun care: Keep the gun mix chamber ports and valve screens regularly.

Daily maintenance: Your machine also needs daily check-ups that are part of the standard startup routine. Here are the startup tasks Graco requires for the Reactor 2 E-30 as an example:

  • Check the wet cup: Keep the wet cup 2/3 full with Graco Throat Seal Liquid (TSL®) or another compatible solvent. Don’t overtighten the packing nut/wet-cup.
  • Inspect fluid inlet strainers: The inlet strainers keep out particles that can block the pump inlet check valves. Inspect these screens daily and clean if needed.
  • Check the ISO lubrication system: Check this system daily and refill if its levels are low. Change out the lubricant if it darkens, develops a gel-like consistency, or becomes diluted with isocyanate.
  • Pay attention to the vent holes: The vents on the bottom of the electrical cabinet should stay open.
  • Pressure Relief Procedure: The pressure relief procedure is important for your safety. Depressurizing the entire system prevents serious injury that can result from coming into contact with pressurized materials and moving parts. This should be done after every use.

Hydraulic systems will have additional steps for maintenance that include the daily inspection of hydraulic and fluid lines for leaks, checking hydraulic fluid weekly, and using compressed air to clean up dust buildup on the hydraulic oil coolers.

  • Address error codes immediately: If your machine presents an error code during operation, stop your task and manage the situation to prevent damage to your proportioner.

Maintaining Graco Spray Foam Guns

Graco spray foam guns need frequent upkeep to be kept free of debris and be in top condition. The specific requirements to maintain each gun vary to the point where consulting the individual manual for your product offers the most comprehensive guidance.

Each gun has a unique design to serve contractors in different types of spray foam applications. To find out about how to maintain your Graco polyurea gun, consult one of these manuals from our online store.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions will ensure the longest life and best performance from your Graco gun.

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