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Sperian Respirator Clamshell

For many applications a clamshell respirator can be a sufficient solution for breathing safety and protection. Clamshell respirators are easy to wear and easy to use, offering an affordable and versatile solution for multiple applications that require breathing protection. The Honeywell Sperian line comes in a half mask respirator deign and is made out of silicon. The filter inside of the mask can be easily changed out in order to accommodate different contaminants, which means even more versatility for your crews and your budget.

A Clamshell half mask respirator does not have a face piece affixed to it like we see with many other types of respiratory masks. Although this may indicate this type of respirator is not what you need for certain applications, it also translates to reduced costs for maintenance and use for jobs that are an appropriate fit. The half mask clamshell is approved for use by NIOSH 42 CFR 84. This type of respirator is most commonly used in industries like food service, agriculture, forestry, utilities and transportation- but is also frequently used in an array of general construction applications. Hazardous conditions requiring breathing protection with this type of respirator include protection from abrasives, chemicals, gases, vapors, airborne particulates and smoke.

In addition to the masks themselves being available for purchase separately, convenient handypacks are also available. A handypack combines the clamshell half mask respirator, cartridges and filters together in a convenient and economical package. Choose among some of the most commonly selected filters and cartridges in the industry to easily complete your purchase. This eliminates the need to separately purchase retainers, cartridges and filters which saves you time and money.

Shop online today for a clamshell half mask respirator set up that will easily and affordably provide you and your crews with respiratory protection. Match your common jobs with the specific applications and get a one stop shopping solution with Honeywell Sperian and Intech Equipment and Supply. Contact us today for any questions, product information or comparison prior to your purchase.
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