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Airline Monitors

In supplied breathing air, it is critical to monitor the levels of carbon monoxide being produced in the system. With air being directly delivered to the user, even low levels of CO can prove to be harmful. With advancements in equipment and research, monitoring and maintaining safe levels for operation has never been easier or more affordable. An Air Systems International CO monitor system provides an economical way to ensure safe operation and delivery of clean breathing air without harmful Carbon Monoxide.

In confined spaces or in work environments that lack air suitable for breathing, secondary air supply is common place. A system may or may not have a built in CO monitor device, and If it doesn’t it is necessary to deploy a separate carbon monoxide monitor. A portable version is easy to store and set up, and can be the best solution for a variety of scenarios. Simply connect the CO monitor to an ambient air pump or other filtration source of breathing air and operate safely with the assurance that CO levels are being monitored.

CO monitoring can be set to occur intermittent or continuously, and if levels reach 10ppm (US, Canada spec is 5ppm) then the device alerts the user with both an alarm and light alert system. The external notification set up allows for the monitoring device itself to operate while the case is closed, which protects the unit from any sort of damage or other contamination from occurring. In the US, a CO monitor device comes set standard for 10 PPM, if using in Canada, be sure to specify.

Make monitoring breathing air easy and affordable today with Intech Equipment and Supply and Air Systems International. Place your order conveniently online or over the phone, and take comfort in clean, safe air being delivered to you and your crews.
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