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Defibrillator Storage

The cost of not properly storing and displaying your required defibrillator can be unthinkable – Having this equipment in place when an emergency situation arises can be the difference in life or death – In a high stress, high risk scenario – The last thing that should happen is scrambling to find the proper equipment to react! Having said that, of course the fines for failing to adhere to best practices and specific regulations can be hefty. Save a life, save your money – and ensure proper defibrillator storage is the standard in all required aspects of your jobs.

Browse several options for defibrillator storage – including metal or plastic designs available in a variety of sizes and features. Take the location dynamics into consideration – if the storage case is going to be mounted on a wall in a high traffic area, or an area frequented by equipment or otherwise potentially damaging scenarios – then opt for the heavier duty metal models. Low profile designs are ideal for less than convenient placements, providing for less protrusion out of the wall. Large and small sizes will fit your specs and your budget, and available strobe light or alarm features can be located on specific models as well. For a portable option for crew trucks and other mobile operations – opt for the defibrillator storage bag. When in doubt, refer to specific governing recommendations and regulations to ensure that you select the proper defibrillator storage solution. Our staff is available to assist with questions and comparisons.

Allegro Industries provides an extensive product collection in addition to storage solutions for defibrillators and respirators – Including fall protection equipment, full respirator and accessory line ups, confined space solutions and much more. Browse online at Intech Equipment and Supply – Or contact us for additional assistance, specific inquiries or technical support. Our staff is happy to assist, or connect you with the proper manufacturer information.
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