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Sampling Cassettes

Three words we ideally do not want to hear on a job site are asbestos, mold and lead – But unfortunately, it is inevitable that the day will come and you will have a job that requires additional precautions and equipment. For just shy of 3 decades, Allegro Industries has provided an extensive array of safety equipment and specialty products to ensure that compliance can be done affordably and reliably – Letting you and your crews focus on the job tasks with proper knowledge and precautionary equipment in place.

Sampling cassettes are used for air quality sampling, specifically for mold, asbestos and lead levels in the air. From bidding through work and completion evaluation, these levels may require consistent monitoring and testing, all dependent upon the specific job and environment. For the bidding process, this allows you to plan accurately and ensure all necessary steps are factored in – including additional safety equipment and job elements that would impact your bottom line in the long run. During the job, sampling equipment aids in ensuring disturbance is minimized and that crews are properly protected. Upon completion – for the contractor and the contractee, final testing is done to wrap up in many scenarios.

Browse TEM and PCM sampling cassettes for asbestos, lead cassettes and mold cassettes (Available in two quantities). Get additional product specific information, and always remember to refer to specific OSHA and other safety regulations, allowing work to be performed properly and with minimal risk of injury or sanctions. For assistance, more information or product order inquiries – Please contact us at Intech Equipment and Supply. Our pros are standing by to help, and can provide valuable access to Allegro Industries professionals as well as other industry leading manufacturers. Keep you reputation and your crews safe with trusted equipment from the Industry’s best manufacturers.
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5 Results (Viewing 1 - 5 of 5)