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Wrist Support & Gloves

A wrist injury can occur in an instant or over a prolonged period of time – With either resulting in extreme discomfort and likely impacting productivity on the job site. By providing proper wrist support in the form of a wrist brace, injuries and strain can be prevented – or discomfort minimized after the fact. While immediate safety equipment and governing regulations may take priority on the job site or in any work environment, preventative equipment and maximizing user comfort should be equally important – An injury that could occur over time can impact job site productivity for years to come.

When the wrist leaves its natural neutral position to flex either upwards or downwards – an injury can occur. The injury could happen as a result of too much weight being put on the wrist – or from something as simple as a repeated behavior that is just not natural to the movement of the wrist. By providing a wrist brace, the wrist is kept in a neutral position as much as possible – Essentially forcing us to use our wrists in a certain manner and in order to aid in avoiding a strain or injury.

Allegro Industries provides an extensive line up of products for wrist support. View options and select a wrist brace that is right for you, depending on your unique working environment or current wrist strain. In general, a wrist brace is easy to put on and many are able to be switched between the right and left hand to provide versatility when you need it most. Depending on your strain or typical behavior, find a wrist brace that will provide you with protection and comfort – ensuring you minimize your risk of injury.

Browse for a wrist brace and additional wrist support products at Intech Equipment and Supply online today! Ordering is fast and easy, and our experts are available for assistance every step of the way.
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