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Protect against hand and wrist injuries on the job and promote worker comfort with proper wrist support. Wrist support provides for proper position during many different activities to ensure the risk of injury or strain is minimized. Running tools and equipment day in and day out can put a strain on your hands and wrists – Particularly in repeated behavior or if equipment is awkward and heavy. Although the effects may not be seen immediately, over time pain and discomfort can become a daily occurrence if proper precautions are not taken.

Ergonomics by definition is the term used to describe an individual’s efficiency on the job in a working environment. When a strain or injury occurs, even the most productive employee can be quickly impacted – and job site productivity will undoubtedly suffer as a result. On the job site, injury or strain can occur from a variety of activities – from lifting heavy items to something as simple as operating a drill for long periods. If you wrist is not used to the movement, or if you are repeating the same position for long periods of time – consistent pain and strain can result without proper wrist protection in place.

Protect yourself and your crews today and for the long run – It can be easy to prioritize and push safety elements not deemed critical to the back burner. Having proper braces available will ensure that crews are able to get the jobs done right with minimal discomfort – Keeping productivity to a maximum.

Browse All of Allegro Industries safety equipment at Intech Equipment and Supply today! A trusted manufacturer for almost 30 years, Allegro Industries has provided reliable equipment for basic needs and for complex niche markets. Shop conveniently online day or night, or call our experts for assistance or to order by phone!

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