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Knee Protection

Knee pads to be used to provide protection against a knee injury or to protect a knee that has recently sustained an injury or strain. In the roofing or in the general construction industry, our knees can take a relentless beating day in and day out – and prolonged injury can cause a life time of pain. Proper knee protection is affordable and effective, maximizing user comfort and ultimately the productivity levels on your job sites every day.

Whether it’s a single injury or incident, or prolonged beatings in the form of routine daily activities, our knees can become strained or sore, particularly over the course of time as we age. If an injury occurs, recovery time can be lengthy because of the risk of re-injury that can occur even from simply walking or putting weight on the knee. Wearing knee pads makes crawling around and gaining access to difficult spaces more comfortable – allowing you to work at the regular pace and keeping pain to a minimum. Using the proper knee protection now can make all the difference in the future!

As with any secondary safety equipment – we may rationalize or prioritize the importance versus respiratory or fall protection equipment for example. It’s important to remember that long term wear and tear can be just as costly as an immediate injury – and can be an expense down the line for your business. Knee pads have been meticulously designed to maximize daily comfort and provide affordable, reliable protection.

Shop knee pads and more online at Intech Equipment and Supply, and find a form of knee protection that is a good fit for you or for your business. Select from either reusable or disposable knee pads, depending on the typical working environment. Allegro Industries provides a variety of knee pads for general construction, roofing and welding – Browse and compare or call us for additional information and assistance.