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RT Series Hoods

RT Series Hoods
Bullard safety products RT Series line of respiratory hoods combines both comfort and function for the ultimate in respiratory protection. The design provides one of the largest lenses in the safety market today without an uncomfortable headband. The sport neck design is easy to wear, and also assists in keeping positive air pressure inside of the hood itself. The Bullard Safety patented over the top air delivery system is incorporated in the RT Series of hoods as well. This unique design delivers air over the users head, down the wide view lens and into the normal breathing zone. As a result, users get decreased fogging and lessened occurrences of dry eyes and dry nasal passages.

In the spray foam industry, respiratory protection and hoods aren’t an option they are a necessity- so why not provide your crews with a functional and comfortable piece of equipment? The design of the hood itself contributes to comfort but also ensures that the seal is tight, and harsh contaminants are unable to penetrate. The patented air system means the hood fits your head better, and the elongated bibs provide exterior protection for splashing and spraying residuals. Interior bibs assist in cooling you as you operate, and also provide less issues with shoulder fit that are commonly seen in other respiratory protection hoods.

Order either sterile or non-sterile hoods, available in in DuPont Tychem QC, RT3 or DuPont Tychem SL, RT4. The RT4 is coated in Saranex and boasts sealed and taped seams to reinforce protection against harsh chemicals during the application process.

Browse the full selection of Bullard Safety Respiratory protection hoods, and place your order online or over the phone with one of our technical experts. We can also assist in product questions, comparisons and other specific information that may help you in the decision process. Our goal is to match our clients with the right products, the first time around, providing you with the best product for your needs and providing your budget with the best price option.
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