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Fusion CS Spray Guns

The disposable ClearShot liquid chambers are easy to replace, simply slipping into the handle of the CS Fusion Gun. Featuring 10 different spray settings, variable flow technology, and a quick-change front and design – while providing reduced blowback foam during spraying. The CS Fusion Gun is the first of it’s kind to feature variable flow, allowing you to change spray patterns with ease – reducing down time and keeping jobs on schedule.

The CS Fusion gun is for use on polyurethane and polyurea applications, no heat foam and spray foam. For roofing and insulation contractors, the Graco Fusion CS provides for easy access to smaller areas in between joists and inside walls.

Graco Fusion CS Spray Gun Features:
  • Ten Different Spray Settings
  • Variable Flow Technology
  • Quick Change Front
  • Saves About An Hour of Maintenance Each Day
  • Minimizes Foam Blowback
  • Reduce Purge Air by 75%
  • Ergonomic Handle Design

Choose the Graco Fusion CS and save up to an hour every single day on the jobsite! Reduced maintenance and streamlined operation allow you and your crews to be more efficient, and with a better end result. Navigate Interactive brochures and more for the CS Fusion Gun Today!