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Intech Equipment & Supply offers foam insulation equipment packages from several different manufacturers so customers can choose the best value for their investment.

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Roofing Seamer Kits

During typical roof seaming, it can be challenging to provide a precise seam weld when bending and stooping with a torch and trowel. The Red Dragon SS 500 C Simple Seamer is the perfect solution, eliminating the need to bend over during the seaming process and limiting user fatigue. This seam welder can be used on loose areas, reheating and finishing seams, filling voids and for reheating laps. The kit itself provides a torch (50,000 BTU), a 25 foot gas hose, spark flints and lighter, pressure gauge and squeeze valve, a UL regulator, and a UL Hand Tighten P.O.L. Made of durable steel and built in the US, Red Dragon roof seamer kits include all of the necessary parts for operation, less the actual tank itself.

The Red Dragon Master Roof Seamer is the ideal alternative when using a wagon is difficult or awkward, but the need for a precise seam weld is still a priority. This seam welder will lift the insulated membrane, torch the underside, and then finish off the weld with its trailing wheels all in one fluid motion. Included in this kit is the 50,000 BTU Torch, a 25 foot UL gas hose, UL regulator, squeeze valve and UL P.O.L.

Get the job done right first time with these great Red Dragon seam welders by Flame Engineering. Make tiring and slow manual torch and trowel work a thing of the past, and get your crews moving faster with better results. Order your roof seamer from Intech Equipment and Supply today, our contact one of our product experts for any additional information and product inquiries.