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Moisture Meters

Delmhorst is an industry leading manufacturer of a full line of varying moisture meters. Depending on your typical line of work, select from three main types of meters: Pin, pin less or an all in one model. The package options available with each model of Moisture Meter allow for customization to fit your typical specifications. Flooring packages, EIFS, Drywall and Insulation variations are all available with extra, added parts for a best match in function. Select from a digital or analogue display depending on your preference, and then proceed to choose the features that combine to make the model that is just right for you!

The all in one moisture meter is the best of both worlds, since you can operate both with pin and pin less. Because of this versatility, that is the one that we usually recommend in order to ensure that regardless of business changes in the future, your moisture meter will always be in use. With Delmhorst, you get accurate readings, with easy to use and handle meters, for an affordable price.

Need assistance selecting a moisture meter? Let us help! Our team can review features and assist you in matching your job needs with the best type of Delmhorst moisture meter. Contact us today!
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ht-4000 thermo-hygrometer with carrying case

SKU: HT-4000W/CS

Price: $523.00

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