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Replacement Lens

Replacement lenses are ideal for repairs and upgrades to your safety glasses. Even safety glasses have a so-called shelf life, enduring wear and tear on a daily basis. Almost all aspects of the construction and roofing industries require protective eye equipment, and almost all of us are guilty of dropping and smashing our safety glasses at one point or another. Rather than replacing your safety glasses, Honeywell makes it easy and affordable to just replace the lenses.

In addition, you can save money and your favorite pair of safety glasses by ordering easy to install replacement lenses. Have a favorite frame that sits just right on your face but need a different lens? This is the perfect solution. Choose from a wide variety of lenses such as anti-scratch lenses, infra red, dark lenses, clear lenses, grey lenses, anti-fog and many more. As important as eye protection is, it is equally important that you are wearing the right lens for the job. Neglecting to do so can cause damage to your eyes and your equipment.

Ensure that you research and read the product lens description carefully, so as to make sure that you are ordering a lens that fits your demands and also your glass frames. Stock up while you are here and ordering multiple lenses for the future, keeping your jobsites rolling along and your eyes protected with an easy lens swap regardless of the task at hand.

Overwhelmed with the selection? Don’t be! Let Intech Equipment and Supply assist you in comparing pricing, features and compatibility details before your purchase. Choose the right lens in the first place to avoid delays and returns. Repair your glasses or modify the frames to fit your demands now with Intech and Honeywell! Fast, friendly service with convenient shopping available online, by phone or in person at one of our six facilities.


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