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Hearing Protection

Occupational noise induced hearing loss is definitely not a joking subject matter. According to the CDC (Center For Disease Control and Prevention) somewhere in the range of an estimated 4 million workers go to work every day in an environment that is likely to cause noise damage to your sense of hearing. If you work in an environment that has damaging noise levels, it is important to invest in hearing protection, such as ear plugs or industrial ear muffs.

The Honeywell lineup of hearing safety products is affordable and reputable, providing you with safety at a great price tag. Browse a variety of standard sets of ear plugs, including sets that comfortably fit inside of a hard hat. Find ear plugs uncomfortable, or to difficult to keep track of? Opt for a set of industrial ear muffs! Providing the same great level of hearing protection, in comfortable designs to fit all of your needs.

Whether you are on a job site that has a high level of noise everyday, or just once in a while, your hearing protection products need to be a priority. Damaging effects may not be immediately apparent or present, but over time the devastating loss of hearing can effect your professional life just as much as your personal life. Shop today for a variety of hearing protection products and put these worries to rest.

Order Honeywell ear plugs for single use or multi use, as well as in a variety of styles. Storage and hygiene products are also available, in addition to the full lines of ear plugs and ear muffs. Planning ahead and being safe is always the best answer, for both yourself and your crews. If this is your first time buying ear muffs or ear plugs, and you have some questions, please contact us now for immediate assistance. We take safety seriously here at Intech, and would be happy to assist you with product information and selection.


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