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Centrifugal Blowers

A Centrifugal blower or centrifugal fan is similar to the commonly used axial blower, in that they are both used to ventilate a confined space. An axial fan has a slightly more complicated design, which usually results in a higher price tag and an increased level of difficulty when it comes to service, repairs and troubleshooting issues. Safety and equipment demands are a high priority in any job involving confined spaces, and at the top of that priority list is not surprisingly the air that we breathe. A blower functions to move air or gases faster by a series of rotating propellers that almost resemble a hamster wheel. This is also the reasoning behind the Centrifugal blower being commonly referred to as a squirrel cage fan in the trades.

The centrifugal blower has the round, rotating fan that produces the air movement, but the air does not pass over the motor. These types of blowers require that the ducting is attached during set up, and then subsequently stored separately from the blower when it is not in use. Typically the benefit of using a centrifugal blower is usually the result of producing a higher CFM. It is very import to know the differences of blowers in your ventilation setup. Allegro Industries provides a variety of centrifugal blower models, include high speed and two speed blowers as well as gasoline or electric powered engines.

Choose the blower that works best for your typical work in confined spaces, and that fits your budget. For more information or help in selecting the proper centrifugal blower, contact our expert technical staff before placing your order. Choose the right blower the first time and provide your crews with all of the necessary compatible parts to complete your ventilation setup. Keep the air moving and keep your jobs safe with Allegro Industries at Intech Equipment.


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