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Heating & Curing Blankets

The process of curing concrete requires the right conditions, primarily the correct temperature and moisture. When these conditions don’t exist, the concrete cannot achieve its maximum strength, slowing the construction process and costing your business valuable time and money.

Heating and concrete curing blankets come in a large range of sizes and power capacities to fit the specific needs of any job site, and can be used for concrete curing, thawing the ground in cold temperatures, and a variety of other job site applications that requires you to heat up and keep a large surface warm.

Concrete can be cured with these power blankets almost three times faster than without a blanket. Strength ratings in cold weather can be accomplished in only 72 hours, and with a concreting strength of 3,925 versus other concrete curing blankets, which will typically result in 2,162. Power blankets can be easily installed, uninstalled and moved- keeping your projects on-track and headed in the right direction.

Our concrete blankets meet all certification standards, including UL, CSA and CE and the available power capacities range from 1 Amp, all the way up to 23 Amps. Our experts can help you in selecting the correct concrete blanket for your specific needs, helping to maximize your budgets and keep your job sites operational. Browse Intech Equipment and Supply or contact us today for additional information.


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