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Go Suburban Compressed Air Systems

Go Suburban is a subsidiary of Suburban Manufacturing Group that specializes in providing fluid power solutions. As a company, they have built a reputation for producing high-quality, innovative, and engineered application-based products. With a comprehensive range of offerings, Go Suburban serves various industries including construction, defense, agriculture, and spray foam.

One of Go Suburban's notable product lines is Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions, which offers reliable and efficient pneumatic solutions. These products are designed to meet the demanding needs of industries that rely on compressed air systems for their operations. Another product line is Lube Minder Oil & Grease Systems, which provides automated lubrication solutions for machinery, enhancing equipment performance and lifespan.

Additionally, Go Suburban offers Python Protective Coverings & Sleeves, which provide durable and protective coverings for hydraulic hoses, cables, and wires. These sleeves provide insulation, abrasion resistance, and protection from environmental factors, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

As a part of Suburban Manufacturing Group, Go Suburban has a strong dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, making them an ideal partner for Intech Equipment . Their focus on quality, innovation, and engineering expertise enables them to deliver products that meet the specific needs of their customers.

Go Suburban's products offer reliable performance, durability, and enhanced productivity. Their commitment to providing fluid power solutions makes them a valuable partner for industries relying on efficient and reliable equipment. Browse our inventory today and contact us if you have any questions or a special order request.


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