lp 200,000 btu electronic ignition, 120' coil material warmer

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HJ1000 In-Line Heater for Roofing Materials

In the current roofing industry, technological advancements have given us materials that provide superior roofing results while giving a better, environmentally friendly alternative than we have ever seen in the past. However, this also means that these hybrid high solid and low solvent combinations of asphalt and SBS modified materials also require much different temperature regulation than we have ever experienced in the past as well. By giving the roofing materials the proper heat and temperature gains, applications are boosted- and overall transfer and pressure capabilities are maximized.

The Hennes-Johnson In-Line Heater HJ1000 is a fuel powered heater that features twin temperature controls that allow users to watch both the product temperature and the heating oil temperature simultaneously. Offering only a 5-degree plus or minus range, you have one of the industry’s best heaters in place to prep your materials. The HJ1000 features a 200,000 B.T.U. HE liquid withdrawal burner and a 12 v. electronic ignition that is pilotless. The LED gauges allow you to easily and quickly register reads, and the heat level is maintained with minimal loss by a 2 inch thick ceramic inside of the heat chamber. The Hennes-Johnson heater is shipped complete to where you are able to hit the ground running as soon as it is delivered, including a 4000 PSI, 15 foot pressure hose. As with all Hennes-Johnson equipment, tests are performed prior to shipping to ensure the heater operates as intended.

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your work on the jobsite by skimping on proper material preparation. With Hennes-Johnson quality heaters, user safety and max profitability are the top priorities taken into consideration for each piece of equipment during the design and testing processes. Make the most of your time and materials on every jobsite with a heater designed for roofing materials that can withstand the harshest of jobsite abuse. Order online today at Intech Equipment and Supply!