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HJ1802 Power Roller for EPDM

For EPDM roofing, the Hennes Johnson HJ1802 power roller will push both productivity and quality to the limits of perfection. Combining proprietary technology with years of experience in designing industry leading roofing equipment, Hennes Johnson leads the pack for a power roller. Choose a roller assembly head and configuration that fits your specific needs, and see cost savings immediately start rolling in.

The HJ 1802 power roller is perfect for large commercial jobs, particularly if you are working on a roof that is atop an occupied building - Apartments, office space and public businesses can all require special considerations if you are working during open hours. With the HJ1802 twin tank silent CO2 power supply, this is an easy task to cross off the list. Noise is cut to a minimum and without effecting the EPDM application.

This power roller also features a 20 gallon tank, certified by ASME. You fill less and work more, and you can use a Hennes Johnson band heater if roofing materials require specific temperature, directly affixing it to the tank itself. Couple that with safeguarding floatation tires, you get less penetration on the roof top, less hassle from your equipment and more productivity from your crews.

Choose a power roller that will get your EPDM jobs done right, and in less time. Hennes Johnson HJ1802 can have a 12 inch or 18 inch HJ Super Tough head, and you can choose between either single line or double line configuration, depending on your application specs. Shop other Hennes Johnson products as well, including power roller accessories and parts, all conveniently located here at our online store.

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