graco h-50 reactor

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Graco H50 Reactor – Single Phase

The H50 hydraulic reactor is the top of the series by Graco, designed for large commercial applications that require a powerful, reliable proportioner. The H50 can be used on residential projects, but investing for your commercial applications will provide you with the best in efficiency and easier operation. The H50 unit features digital pressure and heat controls, allowing you to set both pressures and temperatures and then also monitor performance. The powerful heaters will bring materials up to temperature quickly, and keep the temperature at your set points, even where other units would see an interruption while spraying at maximum rates.

This single phase H50 reactor has a max pressure of 1700 PSI and max hose length of 410 feet. Use the H50 for spray foam or polyurea coatings, particularly on your jobs that require the higher output. The hydraulic series allows for consistent performance, with a boost to your bottom line ensuring that jobs stay on time or ahead of schedule.

The H50 features easy service, horizontal pumps – making for a smooth changeover giving consistency in the best spraying pattern possible. Materials are heated faster with hybrid heaters, and the troubleshooting Y Strainer provides both a standard analog pressure gauge and temperature gauge. The unit sits on the heat platform, which is a divided circuit board to allow for modules to be easily replaced – keeping spray time to a maximum by reducing troubleshooting and repairs.

Learn more about the H50 reactor or connect with an Intech pro to decide which reactor unit is best for your job site demands! Intech provides the full lineups of all Graco Reactor units – with manufacturer details and support to ensure your understanding and ultimately provide for the best investment.

Graco H50 Hydraulic Reactor - Bare Machine H50 Package - 2000 PSI Max working pressure, 600 PSI Minimum working pressure, 410 foot max hose length, 190 degree max fluid temperature, 52 LB /minute output, (12KW, 230V, Single phase operation.)

Operation Manual: 312062
Repair Manual: 312063