28mm leister silicone roller

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Leister 28 mm Silicone Hand Roller

The Leister 28 mm silicone sand roller packs a large amount of design and technology into one small, simple to use hand tool. With an improved design based on user feedback, this silicone hand roller features multiple industry-preferred features that allow for continued use in many applications. For the Roofing and Civil Engineer Industries, this hand roller has earned a reputation for lasting quality and consistent results in one small tool. From the materials used, to the assembly process- Leister’s 28 mm Silicone Hand Roller makes our lives easier.

Due to its design, less force is required in order to achieve the intended results, and the design also provides ample gripping space to ensure maximum control and comfort. The wood handle is slip resistant and is sweat absorbent, preventing grip issues during frequent use. Both right and left handed users can comfortably operate and control this roller, and with 20% more pressure coming from the design itself, alleviating the force required from you. Designed originally for welding applications, the Leister 28mm and 48mm silicone hand rollers gained in popularity for their usage in roofing applications as well.

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