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Graco raises the bar when it comes to the standard in spray foam and coatings with the Fusion AP. Providing a better mix composition, improved results are immediately realized upon the first application. The second added bonus is that the Fusion AP built in technology also includes several unique advancements in maintenance reduction and overall equipment function by preventing commonly occurring wear and tear. The hours lost to maintenance and down time are brought to a minimum with the Fusion AP.

The 246102 Combo includes the Fusion AP and AR5252 (.02, .052 Orifice Size) Long Life Mixing Chamber. This is just one of an entire line up of mix chambers, in addition to multiple tip combinations. If the 246102 isn’t for you, an alternative will surely fit the mold and you can conveniently shop our online store from your home or office.

In the past, spray foam equipment and other plural component equipment has had to endure the beating from the harsh material compositions, and routine maintenance is unavoidable. While the Fusion AP isn’t entirely maintenance–free, the whole process has been streamlined and most aspects can be completed without the need for a tool belt. By reducing maintenance demands, you see better operation out of your equipment and out of your crews. Let the Fusion AP streamline your work sites today!

Features and Benefits of the Fusion AP:
  • Strong, reinforced side seals
  • Air-Blast that is simple and provides tip cleaning to prevent clogs
  • Tool-Free Fluid housing access
  • Tool – free front cap access to clean mix chamber
  • Redesigned, comfortable handle

Materials: Polyurethane coatings, spray foam, polyurea coatings, caulks, adhesives

Applications for the Fusion AP:
  • Spray foam insulation – Commercial and residential
  • Roofing – Plural Component processes, commercial and residential
  • Bed liners
  • Tank and pipe coatings
  • Secondary containment applications
  • Concrete waterproofing
  • Bedliners

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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246102 - AR5252 (02) mix chamber (0.052 orifice size)