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Fusion AP 246103 Graco Spray Gun

Whether you are looking to supplement your existing equipment line up or starting out for the very first time, the Fusion AP offers the precision that your plural component applications demand, and with easy user features. The 246103 Fusion AP Round pattern spray gun is tough, built to withstand the material abuse. Built in, standard maintenance features allow you to spray longer and spend less time on cleaning and maintaining your spray gun.

At this stage in the game, you have selected your Reactor, your hoses and now you need to choose the best gun to cover the array of jobs on the schedule now as well as in the future. With the round pattern 246103 Fusion AP gun, you get better results on multiple different applications. Foam insulation, coatings and more can be applied with the Fusion AP.

Features include the ergonomic handle aiding in operating comfort – Which is key for the Fusion AP because spraying times are longer due to decreased maintenance. Your maintenance efforts are streamlined with the Graco technology that allows for air blast tip cleaning, easy access to the mix chamber, and also access to the seals. Less time is spent daily on maintenance, and overall the Fusion AP will provide superior results due to less damage during normal use.

For Contractors doing residential or commercial foam insulation, protective coatings, waterproofing and bed liners – the 246103 Fusion AP is a great solution. This model comes with the AR6060 (03) mixing chamber, and Graco also has multiple other tip and chamber combinations available to be ordered with the Fusion AP or in addition to your standard order.

Choose Graco for better results, now and in the future with the Fusion AP. Browse the Intech Equipment and Supply online store, or give our pros a call to weigh options and select the best fit for your unique job schedules.

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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246103 - AR6060 (03) mix chamber (0.060 orifice size)