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Graco Fusion AP with AR8686 Mix Chamber

Less maintenance needs with the Fusion AP Graco Spray gun means that you get more time daily to spend on the tasks at hand – Clean up can be pushed back by a significant amount of time throughout the day and at the end of each day, just by using Graco built in technology. This expert engineering gives precise spraying capabilities, an improved mix quality and reduces required repairs and cleanings. Operator friendly, built largely based on industry leading research and user provided feedback, the Fusion AP is a spray foam contractors’ dream come true.

Including the AR8686 mix chamber, the 246105 Fusion AP gun gives a round, 18 inch spray pattern and can spray 35 LBS/ minute of foam at 1000 PSI. The AR8686 chamber itself is an 05 mix chamber with a .086 sized orifice. All Graco manufacturer parts, and several other tip and chambers are compatible with the Fusion AP as well – Providing you with more versatility to cover more spraying applications on a variety of different job sites. While the 246105 is only designed for foam applications, Graco has several other polyurea compatible combos as well. View other tip and chamber combinations.

Maintenance demands are cut, and routine maintenance is simplified with tool – free access to the chamber and the seals. You can clean, swap or work on the chamber and seal through the front cap or the fluid housing, and reinforced seals come standard on every Fusion AP to protect the quality of your results.

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Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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246105 - AR8686 (05) mix chamber (0.086 orifice size)