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Graco Fusion AP Spray Foam Gun (AF2020 And FT0848)

As part of the Graco Fusion AP gun line – The 247108 Fusion AP kit includes the FT0848 Flat spray tip and the AF 2020 long lasting mix chamber. For a one stop solution to spray foam insulation and coatings, it doesn’t get much simpler than this! The Fusion AP gun combines contractor friendly features with expert application technique to provide a spray gun that delivers without breaking the bank for initial investment or residual maintenance.

Designed to be used on residential and commercial projects, the Fusion AP plural component spray gun can be used for spray foam insulation, roofing, coatings and concrete waterproofing. Spray polyurea and polyurethane foam, coatings, truck bed liners, caulks and adhesives with ease. Choose from an extensive line up in addition to this combination with the FT0848 tip, or order tips and chambers separately.

In addition to the Fusion AP application capabilities – This spray foam gun was designed to simplify maintenance and streamline repairs in order to reduce downtime. Daily maintenance is reduced down to a quick process that doesn’t require additional hand tools – and repairs can be completed easily with Graco replacement parts. This translates into additional cost savings and allows you to get back up and running faster after a repair or to reduce the time at the end of the work day spent on clean up.

The Fusion AP gun has a maximum output of 50 pounds per minute and a light weight of just 3.1 pounds. The 3500 PSI maximum working pressure proves sufficient for an array of jobsite demands.

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Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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247108 - Fusion AP Gun with AF2020 mix chamber with FT0848 flat tip