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Graco Fusion AP AF2929, FT0438 for Spray Foam Insulation

For spray foam insulation jobs, the plural component Fusion AP spray gun by Graco provides you with a better mix from spray foam equipment that is easy to maintain. The Fusion AP covers a variety of application materials, including polyurethane foam, coatings, adhesives and more. The AF2929 Mix chamber coupled with the strong side seals allow you to focus on the job and not on maintenance for your equipment. The end result is a better mix, and less time spent on upkeep and repairs.

Designed specifically for spray foam insulation and similar plural component applications, the Fusion AP boasts an array of features that promote better results and ease of use. The air-blast built in tip clean system cuts clogging of your spray tip as well as component build up. The side seals are durable and can withstand the pressure and harsh materials – Cutting your maintenance interruptions to an absolute minimum. The Quick release fluid housing allows you to swap chambers out without additional tools, and the hand-tight cap also allows tool-free access for you to maintain and clean the seals and chamber.

With the comfortable handle and light weight, contractors can use the Fusion AP with AF2929 chamber and FT0438 Graco flat tip to apply caulks and adhesives, polyurethane coatings, polyurea coatings and of course spray foam insulation. Most commonly used in commercial and residential foam jobs, the Fusion AP is also a favorite for roofing, tank and pipe coatings, concrete waterproofing, bed liners and secondary containment applications.

Raise the bar on your expectations with Graco Fusion AP at Intech Equipment and Supply. Provide your clients with a superior result, and give yourself the peace of mind that comes from expert service and support and spray foam equipment that you can rely on. Dependable results and reduced maintenance can allow you to plan confidently and deliver time and time again. Order the Fusion AP with AF2929 Mix Chamber and FT0438 Flat spray tip today at Intech Equipment and Supply. Browse the entire Graco catalogue, parts, and resources or contact our experts today!

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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247112 - Fusion AP Gun with AF2929 mix chamber with FT0438 flat tip