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247117 Graco Fusion AP for Spray Foam Insulation

The 247-117 Graco Fusion AP Spray Gun kit combination includes the plural component spray gun, the FT0838 Flat Graco spray tip and the AF 2929 Long – Life Mix Chamber. The Fusion AP technology allows you to spray plural component materials with confidence while demanding the best in performance and operator simplification. Save time and money on your bottom line while reducing maintenance frustrations and unnecessary expenses on repairs and parts. Spray Foam Insulation Equipment can take a beating on a daily basis – Start off or add to your line up with the best in equipment and Graco’s reputable, lasting engineering.

Packed with features aimed at perfecting application processes and cutting maintenance time – the Fusion AP spray gun is a dream for spray foam insulation contractors in both commercial and residential work. The AF 2929 mix chamber and FT0838 flat pattern tip can handle polyurethane foam and coatings, as well as polyurea coatings, caulks and adhesives. Most commonly used in roofing and insulation as well as for pipe, truck bed, concrete and other coating jobs.

Graco has simplified maintenance even further than seen in past designs, with built in cleaning technology and tool-free access to cut time and stressors. Air Blast technology keeps build up from occurring in your spray tip, and screens with easy access allow daily maintenance to be kept to the absolute minimum. A quick-shot grease port and solvent-resistant O-rings round out the tough and maintenance-friendly details on the Fusion AP. What little time you do spend on regular maintenance and cleaning is minimized while the outcome itself is amplified giving better applications.

Order the Graco Fusion AP 247 117 with AF2929 Mix Chamber and FT0838 flat spray tip online or by phone now at Intech Equipment and Supply. Choose the best of both worlds with reliable equipment and better results, as well as less maintenance and downtime. Stop your search and stop sacrificing – Choose the Fusion AP in a chamber / tip combination that works for you now!

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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247117 - Fusion AP Gun with AF2929 mix chamber with FT0838 flat tip