graco fusion ap flat - af4242, ft0624

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Graco Fusion AP with AF4242 & FT0624 for Spray Foam Insulation

For spray foam insulation and more consider the Fusion AP Spray Gun line – The 247-123 Kit includes the AF4242 Mix chamber as well as the FT0624 Flat Graco Spray Tip in one convenient purchase. A more comprehensive solution for spray insulation applications and simplified maintenance essentially does not exist – The Fusion AP leads the pack in cutting edge technology, operator efficiencies and maintenance reducing features. Graco has combined expert engineering with feedback from users like you – Giving outstanding results at a great price.

The 247123 with AF4242 Chamber can be used for commercial or residential projects. The Fusion AP Plural Component gun design sprays foam insulation, coatings and more. Ideal for use in homes, buildings, tank and pipe coatings applications, bed liner installs, roofing and more. Meticulously designed features handle the wear and tear from the tough materials with ease – all the while giving you expert application results.

Maintenance is also simplified with the Fusion AP Spray Gun, boasting built in features that not only make maintenance more effective – But also cutting the timeline down to a bare minimum. The days of lost work on the job site because of equipment issues are a distant memory with the Fusion AP. Built in Air blast tip cleaning technology, Quick Release features, no-tool access and reinforced seals and parts are just some of the great aspects of the Fusion AP. Routine daily maintenance is minimized, and repair is largely prevented with safeguards in place and easy access if the occasion arises.

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  • Max. Output – lb/min (kg/min) 50 (22.7)
  • Weight 3.1 lb (1.4 kg )
  • Max. Working Pressure - psi 3500
  • Max. Working Pressure - Bar 240

247123 - Fusion AP Gun with AF4242 mix chamber with FT0624 flat tip

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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