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Graco Fusion AP Spray Gun with AF4242 Chamber and FT0638 Tip

When it comes time to choose a plural component Graco Spray gun – Most want to take all the impacting factors into consideration. Since Graco is synonymous with quality in our industry, focus can be shifted more towards ensuring an appropriate match between equipment and intended applications, as well as added equipment features. With the Fusion AP Spray Gun – Quality comes standard but even that is almost outshined by the cutting edge design that allows for simplified maintenance and ultimately a longer lasting, better piece of spray foam equipment.

Fusion AP 247 124 – Features

The Fusion AP 247124 Kit includes the AF4242 Mixing Chamber – Which is easily accessed with the hand tight front cap allowing you to keep the chamber clean or replace easily with the Quick Release fluid housing if the job demands change. The reinforced side seals also protect the chamber, reducing the wear and tear commonly seen from plural component materials. The Fusion AP gun has built in air blast technology to keep the Flat FT0638 Spray Tip clean and prevent against build up as well. Maintenance on the chamber can be done without extra tools – and you are back up and running on the job in no time.

Fusion AP 247124 Applications

Fusion Air Purge Spray Guns are designed to be used with plural component materials such as spray foam insulation or polyurethane coatings. Additional compatible materials include adhesives and caulks, as well and other coatings - Learn more by contacting our experts today! Use the Fusion AP on both residential and commercial sites, to apply spray foam insulation, roofing coatings, protective coatings for tanks or pipes, bed liners and more. This versatile spray gun will keep up with you, regardless of how busy and diverse your weekly schedules are!

Order the Fusion AP 247124 with AF4242 Chamber and FT0638 Flat tip today online at Intech Equipment, or browse the entire Graco Inc line up including everything from the largest Reactor down to the finest spray tip.

Operation Manual: 309550
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247124 - Fusion AP Gun with AF4242 mix chamber with FT0638 flat tip