graco fusion ap flat - af5252, ft0638

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Graco Spray Gun Fusion AP 247134

With the 247134 Graco Fusion AP Gun and kit, included is the Fusion AP air Purge spray gun, the AF5252 02 Mixing chamber and the FT0638 Graco Flat spray tip. Essentially a full plural component spray package in one tidy order! The Fusion AP makes spraying a plural component mix simplified and largely reduces the time and money spent over repairs and interruptions. You the contractor are not spending a fortune versus competing products, yet you are seeing an improvement in the mix, in the spray, and in the maintenance and down time.

Any plural-component equipment will take a beating on the job, it is unavoidable. With the Fusion AP – At least maintenance is streamlined and essentially reduced to the ‘no excuse’ minimums. Considering maintenance ease and capabilities prior to your purchase of new equipment can be the difference in profits over time for your company.

With the Fusion AP features, maintenance is simple. Access to the AF 5252 mixing chamber is easy and doesn’t require extra tools to be used. Simply hand turn the front cap or use the Quick Release fluid housing for changing or cleaning the chamber. Your FT0638 spray tip is also kept clean, with Graco’s built in Air Blast tip clean technology. Combine all that with a durable build, tough side seals and a comfortable handle – And your spray time increases exponentially.

Use the Fusion AP 247134 for jobs with spray foam insulation, polyurea or polyurethane coatings, adhesives and more. This covers insulation and roofing applications, bed liner installs and a host of other plural component applications. Place your order today and make the choice to have more time on the job and less time troubleshooting and performing necessary maintenance on your equipment! This investment will pay itself off in the short term, but last for years to come.

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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247134 - Fusion AP Gun with AF5252 mix chamber with FT0638 flat tip