graco fusion ap flat - af5252, ft0838

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Graco Spray Gun Fusion AP 247137

The Graco Fusion AP gun is available in multiple combinations of tip and mixing chambers to provide you with the best pairing for spray foam insulation and other plural component jobs. With the Fusion AP, maximum out put is at 50 pounds per minute with a PSI 3500 (240 BAR). Made for operation and care with the contractor in mind, the Fusion AP will give you better results and minimize the time and frustrations spent on maintenance and care.

The AF 5252 mixing chamber will stand up and outshine the abuse seen from plural component materials – The reinforced side seals allow you to spray for longer time periods without having to stop for maintenance or replacement. The Quick Access fluid housing and twist front cap give you access to the mixing chamber without extra tools and supplies – Allowing a simple way to change out or perform necessary maintenance on the AF 5252 chamber. Easy access screens, the quick shot grease port and composition that is solvent resistant rounds out the streamlined maintenance features, and you can even soak the whole gun without the worry of swelling or damage.

With the Graco Fusion AP 247137 you are also able to spray a wide range of material types, further extending your investment. The increased ROI is accompanied by better results – Spray foam, coatings and more - Getting a better mix and a more precise application. On both residential and commercial work sites, the Fusion AP can save a boatload of time and money.

Place your order for the Graco Fusion AP 247137 with AF5252 Mixing chamber and FT0838 Flat Spray Tip online or by phone with Intech Equipment and Supply. Make the most of your equipment, and select Graco Fusion AP so you can take comfort and demand the best in application and maintenance features than any other spray gun on the market.

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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247137 - Fusion AP Gun with AF5252 mix chamber with FT0838 flat tip