graco fusion ap gun round - af5252, ftm979

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Fusion AP Graco Stud Wall Spray Insulation Gun 249526

Spray insulation in stud walls with the Fusion AP 249526 complete set up that includes flat mechanical tip and AF 5252 mix chamber. Graco covers all the bases for stud wall applications, providing precise spraying patterns and streamlining maintenance demands. The Fusion AP plural component gun offers a wide variety of applications and tip / chamber combinations – all of which you can browse here online or discuss with our pros by phone.

Selecting the Fusion AP gun can provide for immediate and long term return on your equipment investment. Reliable and boasting multiple built in maintenance accommodations, this spray gun is ideal for plural component applications – Spray foam insulation, coatings, adhesives and more! The result is superior and your time spent on maintenance declines, allowing you more time spraying on the job.

Ideal for both residential and commercial stud wall work, the Fusion AP 249526 puts out 50 LBs per minute at 3500 PSI. Swap chamber and tip combinations, and use the Fusion AP down the line for coating applications, roofing and waterproofing, bed liners and more. The extensive Graco Part catalogue makes this gun even more of a worthy and versatile investment.

Built in maintenance features include tool- free access and build up prevention. You can service the mix chamber and seals without extraneous tools and your FTM979 tip is kept clean with the Graco Air Blast built in technology – preventing build up and damage from occurring and reducing manual tip cleaning time to a minimum. Side seals are reinforced, and along with the long life mix chamber, you get the assurance of long term, quality operation. Add together the decreased maintenance time and the improved mix quality – and your jobsite results will improve to all time highs.

Choose Graco for spray foam insulation and more, with extensive resources and dedicated research as well as versatility and quality results, Graco raises the bar on quality. Browse or order online, or request additional information today!

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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249526 - Stud wall gun w/AF5252 and FTM979