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Graco Fusion Gun 249529 with Round Wide AW3939 Mix Chamber

Get more time back on the job with the Fusion AP Graco spray gun 249529 Spray package. Designed to deliver a superior mix, and faster application times – The Fusion AP is a contractor favorite for foam insulation and other plural component applications. Graco provides a variety of tip and chamber combinations, let the pros here at Intech Equipment and Supply help you select what is best for your and your crews today!

The Fusion AP offers many features unique in the industry – Less maintenance demands due to built in technology as well as a better mix for your plural component materials – The Wide Round AW3939 01 mix chamber package seen here allows 9 LBS / minute for spray foam at 1000 PSI and 2.4 GPM for polyurea at 2000 PSI. At a 24 inch distance, the 249529 gives you a 16 inch round spray pattern.

With the Fusion AP Graco spray gun, you can raise your standards for performance from both your equipment and your crews. Because more time is spent spraying and less time maintaining and troubleshooting equipment, labor is cut and jobs get done under schedule – Putting more profits in your pocket. The Fusion AP was built to last with reinforced seals and O Rings – add the versatility of the extensive chamber / tip combinations and you have a spray gun to meet every jobsite demand. For Spray foam, coatings and more – The Fusion AP is a force to be reckoned with on the job.

Order the 249529 Fusion Gun and AW 3939 Round mix chamber online or by phone now at Intech Equipment – Add to your existing line up or schedule a consult to review and select a full set up including Reactor, Hoses, Spray Gun and more – put the Intech access to Graco resources and support to work for you today!

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615

249529 - AW3939 (01) wide round pattern