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Graco Fusion AP with Wide AW2828 Round Mix Chamber

In spray foam insulation, equipment can take a beating. The harsh nature of the plural component materials coupled with everyday job site abuse demands that you choose equipment built tough to last for the long haul. With Graco, the solution not only provides expert application results, but backed by leading industry technology to streamline maintenance and operator comfort – as well as providing a huge selection of additional parts and supplies. Choose to shop Graco at Intech Equipment and Supply, and choose expert service and support from a triple time Graco Top 20 NA distributor.

The Graco 24D581 Fusion AP Gun package is designed for spray insulation and spray foam roofing. The 00 Wide round pattern with the AW2828 allows you to apply spray foam faster, but with a better mix result. Your jobs get done on time, and you get immediate return on your equipment investment. With built in maintenance technology that streamlines everyday routine maintenance, less time is spent during spraying and at the end of the day cleaning and prepping equipment. For both residential and commercial contractors, the Fusion AP is a reliable choice.

Browse the entire Graco catalogue today for all of your spray foam insulation and roofing needs. Connect with Intech pros for questions, equipment details and more – And do it from the comfort of your home or office. Eliminate the guesswork and choose equipment that will provide you with savings as well as a superior result – Your business will thank you!

Fusion AP 24D581 Features:
  • Wide 00 AW2828 Round pattern mix chamber
  • Reduce build up and clogging with air blast tip cleaning
  • Reinforced side seals
  • Easy Access to chamber and seals for change and cleanings
  • Comfortable handle 
  • 50 LBS / Minute Max output
  • Lightweight – 3.1 LBS
  • 3500 Max PSI working pressure (240 bar)

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615

24D581 - AW2828 (00) wide round pattern