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Graco Hydraulic Proportioner H50 – Triple Phase

Take your Hydraulic proportioner to the next level with the triple phase H50 unit, providing up to 2000 PSI ideal for roofing coating and foam applications, and larger wall foam insulation jobs. The H50 is packed with features that will streamline your maintenance and troubleshooting to maximize your spraying, as well as provide a better consistency and overall quality of results.

Topping of the hydraulic series of proportioners, the H50 is a combination of power and reliability, providing contractors like you with more spraying time in a day, and a better result. The overall design of the unit includes easy to change pumps, analog pressure and temperature gauges, a compartmentalized circuit board, digital pressure and heat controls, powerful 15.3 KW heater and up to 52 pounds per minute of spraying capability. See less interruption for service or maintenance, increasing your spraying time.

When choosing a new proportioner to start, or upgrading your current equipment line up – this is step one in a series of choices that have a major impact on your future performance. Stay informed with Graco manufacturer materials from Intech Equipment and Supply! Investing in a hydraulic system means you are ready for a top of the line, high production system. A system that is ideal for in plant OEMs, providing you with system diagnostics and material data to ensure total control.

Easily place your order online or by phone, or work with a Graco equipment expert at Intech Equipment to compare and contrast proportioner models and features, complete the rest of your equipment line up – planning for current jobs but also keeping the future in mind to ensure your investment will provide maximum return!

253726 -Graco H50Proportioner Bare Machine - (15.3KW Heater, 230V, 3PH)