graco fusion ap w/ polycarballoy side seal - ar4242(01) mix chamber

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Graco Fusion AP with PolyCarballoy Sideseal 255201

As an alternative to the traditional Fusion AP Spray Gun Packages that feature stainless steel standard, choose the 255201 or 255202 models that feature PolyCarbAlloy reinforced side seals. PolyCarballoy offers an even longer use life than the traditional stainless steel, and your maintenance on the job daily is routine and easy.

The 255201 Fusion AP Package includes the Fusion AP Gun, the AR4242 Mix chamber and the durable PolyCarballoy side seals. The Fusion AP is ideal for all plural component applications, as it provides a superior mix quality but also decreases maintenance commitments and down time. Built in features and usability allow for better performance and for user maintenance to be streamlined.

The Fusion AP features the PolyCarballoy side seals, which are easily accessible with the hand tightened front cap that gives you access to maintain and clean the seals without any extra tools. Other features include Graco air blast for tip cleaning, the Cyclone Mix chamber (AR 4242 01 Chamber on the 255201), check valves with screens that have a cartridge design for easier maintenance, Quick shot grease port, and the tool-free quick release fluid housing.

With the PolyCarbAlloy model, you can spray a wider range of materials and you get better results – the best of both worlds! The Fusion AP is designed for foam insulation, polyurea and polyurethane coatings, industrial adhesives and caulks. The versatility of this spray gun by Graco, coupled with the advanced features, make this an excellent addition to any equipment line up.

Use the Fusion AP 255201 for residential and industrial spray foam insulation, roofing coatings, bed liners and more. Order the full kit right here, or give us a call for replacement seals and additional options. Together with Intech Equipment and Supply, select the best Fusion AP chamber / tip combination and streamline your spray jobs today!

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615

255201 - Graco Fusion AP w/ PolyCarballoy side seal - AR4242(01) mix chamber