graco fusion ap w/ polycarballoy side seal - ar5252(02) mix chamber

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Graco Fusion AP with PolyCarballoy side seal and AR5252 (02) mix chamber

At this stage of the game, you have you proportioner, your hoses (heated and whip) and now it is time to choose the best spray gun for the job. Choosing wisely is essential to productivity and profits – for today as well as into the future! With Graco plural component equipment at Intech, our pros can help you compare and contrast all of your available options to ensure you arrive at the very best choice for your jobs.

The 255202 Fusion AP Gun Package belongs in the long lineup of Fusion AP Plural component spray packages – With the 255202 featuring PolyCarballoy instead of the traditional stainless steel side seals. This translates to even more time spraying and a better quality result. The 255202 package includes the AR 5252 mix chamber – a Cyclone mix chamber (02) with a .052 orifice size, and clean out tool included standard by Graco.

The Fusion AP line has become well known in the industry because of the included built in maintenance streamlining features, as well as the superior mix results. Spray foam and coatings faster, with better precision and less downtime when you choose the Fusion AP. An extensive array of chamber and tip combinations are available, as well as replacement and modification parts. Need help navigating and comparing? Give us a call today!

Fusion AP 255202 Features:
  • PolyCarballoy side seals
  • Graco Air Blast for tip cleaning
  • Access to mix chamber from quick release fluid housing
  • Hand Tighten front cap to access seals and chamber for maintenance
  • Comfortable handle, light weight spray gun

Types of Materials:
  • Polyurethane and Polyurea coatings
  • Foam Insulation
  • Adhesives
  • Caulks

Types of Applications:
  • Residential and commercial foam insulation
  • Coatings on tanks and pipes
  • Roofing applications
  • Waterproofing concrete
  • Bed liners

255202 / Fusion AP Specifications:
  • Maximum Output (LBS) - 50 / min
  • Weight (LBS) - 3.1
  • Maximum Working Pressure (PSI) - 3500
  • Maximum Working Pressure (BAR) - 240

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615

255202 - Graco Fusion AP w/ PolyCarballoy side seal - AR5252(02) mix chamber