graco fusion cs gun - fl0000, ft0638


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Graco Fusion CS 00F4 for Spray Foam and Coatings

The Graco CS00F4 is a spray foam and coatings gun that uses liquid purge, ClearShot technology in place of mechanical purge or air purge operation, to keep your gun operating at peak performance. The Fusion CS features advanced, industry leading engineering – truly a first to hit the market in the spray foam world.

Revolutionize the way your crews operate, and change your business forever with spray foam and coatings equipment that resists and fights against the wear and tear common with harsh plural component materials. Polyurethane and polyurea put a beating on equipment – It’s no secret that the every day includes rigorous maintenance demands in order to avoid equipment breakdown and to keep results sufficient. Change the way you think about coatings and spray foam guns with the Fusion CS00F4.

All of the Fusion CS guns by Graco have the ClearShot disposable cartridge, which inserts into the handle. This liquid functions to purge out the mix chamber and keep you running for longer, without having to stop and drill / clean your gun manually. Further, the fusion CS also features even more streamlining capabilities including variably flow with the ability to switch between small to large spray patterns in less than a minute. You get the ability to handle large and small jobs, and reach even small areas with ease. With ten settings, and easy to change fluid heads, you avoid costly interruptions in your spraying time.

Reduce maintenance while boosting the quality of your results with the Fusion CS by Graco. Coatings and Spray foam applications are applied at 1.2 GPM and 7 pounds per minute respectively. The CS00F4 gives a 14 inch spray pattern when applied at a 24 inch distance. Learn more about the Fusion CS and other industry leading Spray Foam products by Graco today, at Intech Equipment and Supply.

Operation Manual: 312666
Brochure: 300615

CS00F4 - FL0000 mix chamber with FT0638 flat tip (.029 orifice size)