graco fusion cs gun - fl0000, ft0848


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Fusion CS 00F6 for Spray Foam Insulation and Coatings

One thing money can’t buy is time, but with the Fusion CS by Graco you can definitely maximize your spraying time and minimize time spent on maintenance and routine gun cleanings. With the Fusion CS, spray foam insulation and coatings can be applied with precision and without the build up that leads to delays for maintenance. A first in spray foam equipment technology, Graco has brought us a plural component spray gun featuring variable flow capabilities, and using liquid purge technology.

The Fusion CS operates with Graco ClearShot cartridge inserted into the gun handle. The ClearShot liquid keeps the mix chamber clean, essentially eliminating the need to drill out the mix chamber build up. Versatility as a result of cutting edge engineering also includes multiple spray pattern capabilities, and reduced blow back. You can switch from small to large patterns (10 different spray settings) in just a matter of seconds. Combining this with the reduced maintenance, and you are getting valuable time back on every single spray foam insulation or coatings job. Get into small areas with ease, and adjust quickly as your job site demands change.

Order this Fusion CS gun, which includes the FL0000 flat mix chamber and the FT0848 flat tip with .29 orifice size. Spray up to an 18-inch spray pattern at 24-inch distance, with polyurea at 1.2 GPM and spray foam insulation at 7 pounds per minute. Graco provides an impressive line up of spray foam equipment combinations, so order the exact chamber and tip that your jobs need.

Enjoy fast and easy ordering online today at the Intech Equipment and Supply store, ensuring you select the exact Fusion CS that meets your spraying needs. Our pros are also available to assist you in comparison and providing useful information and Graco manufacturer resources to ensure that you invest wisely the first time. Reduce down time and keep your jobs running smoothly, gaining valuable hours back in a week, and over the course of an entire job.

Operation Manual: 312666
Brochure: 300615

CS00F6 - FL0000 mix chamber with FT0848 flat tip (.029 orifice size)