graco fusion cs gun - wd0000


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Fusion CS 00WD Graco Spray Gun

Get back more time in the day with the Graco Fusion CS spray gun – a revolutionary spray foam and polyurea applicator that gives you versatility and unmatched maintenance reduction features – Truly a first in the industry! Not surprisingly, the pros at Graco have engineered a piece of spray equipment that can produce results and stand the test of time – All while giving you back hours in a normal work week.

The premise of the Fusion CS is the Clear Shot, liquid purge technology. Instead of mechanical purge or air purge, this Graco spray gun releases the CS liquid each time you pull the trigger. The liquid enters into the mix chamber, and effectively cleans and prevents build up from occurring. In the past, disassembly and drilling was required to keep the mix chamber clean – taking an hour or more of each working day. Forget the past and look at the future with Graco’s Clear Shot Fusion CS spray gun!

Additional features include the first ever plural component, variable flow spraying capabilities – spray up to 10 different settings and switch seamlessly between. The fluid head features quick change technology, allow you to swap out fast and continue spraying. A coating prevents material from building up and sticking at the gun head, which also reduces maintenance previously needed to ensure your results remain consistent. The CS00WD will also reduce purge air by up to 75% - Keeping foam blow back to a minimum. The newly designed handle is comfortable, which is great considering the added time you’ll be spending spraying. This Fusion CS comes with the WD0000 mix chamber and can spray a 15 inch spray pattern – Polyurea at 1.1 GPM and spray foam at 7 pounds per minute.

Take back your time on the job, and invest in equipment that is going to be around for the long haul! See immediate time and cost savings with the Fusion CS, all while getting precise application results. Shop online or discuss with the Intech Equipment and Supply experts!

OperationManual: 312666

CS00WD - WD0000 wide mix chamber (.028 orifice size)