graco fusion cs gun - fl0101, ft0624


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Fusion CS 01F3 Coating and Spray Foam Equipment

The Fusion CS line by Graco is continually a crowd favorite for contractors that are regularly working with plural component materials. Ordinary coating and spray foam equipment will take a costly beating, wear and tear over time – even with meticulous regular maintenance – will lead to a breakdown and ultimately the need to replace or repair to continue use. With the Fusion CS, the automated internal maintenance processes keep that wear and tear to a minimum by keeping build up to a minimum – Which allows for the Fusion CS to spray longer, and deliver the same quality results as the very first day you brought it on the job site.

ClearShot is the star of the Fusion CS show, a Graco engineered liquid purge technology that is housed in a replaceable cartridge, which fits into the ergonomic Fusion CS handle. The Fusion CS liquid purge keeps the mix chamber so clean, that you ideally never have to drill the mix chamber. You can spray for longer, and maintenance is reduced to a bare minimum. The Fusion CS boasts an array of features that make it an ideal addition to any coating and spray foam equipment line up.

With this Graco spray gun, in addition to liquid purge technology, you also enjoy several versatile features that also aid in streamlining your day on the job. The Fusion CS can be used for polyurea coatings applications as well as spray foam equipment. At a 24 inch distance from the spray site, the CS01F3 sprays a 14 inch pattern, spraying polyurea at 1.0 GPM and when used as spray foam equipment, produces at a rate of 6 pounds per minute. The Fusion CS can also be set to ten different spray patterns ranging from small to large, a first for the industry of plural component spray guns.

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Operation Manual: 312666
Brochure: 300615

CS01F3 - FL0101 mix chamber with FT0624 flat tip (.042 orifice size)