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Graco Fusion CS 01RD Spray Foam and Coating Equipment

Consider the bar to be raised in the spray foam and coating equipment world with the Fusion CS 01RD. Rarely do we see spray foam or coating equipment that stands the test of time with ease – the very nature of the plural component materials typically expedites the normal wear and tear processes and leads to constant, tedious maintenance demands. With the Clear Shot technology featured in the Fusion CS – Graco delivers on precision application abilities coupled with reduced maintenance. You get a better end application and your equipment requires less cleaning and maintenance. Have the best of both worlds with the Fusion CS, and the price protects all those added profits that you’ll gain after getting the Fusion CS to work on your jobs.

The CS Clear Shot is an applicator tube that inserts into the handle of the CS spray gun. As an alternative to air purge or mechanical purge spray guns, the Fusion CS is paving the way for an entirely new standard than what the spray foam and coatings industries have ever seen before. Each time you press the trigger to spray, Clear Shot liquid is released to clean the interior of the mix chamber. This prevents build up, and essentially you will no longer need to drill the mix chamber to clean.

The Fusion CS 01RD can be used as spray foam and coating equipment – providing an 11 inch spray pattern to deliver polyurea at 1.6 GPM and spray foam at 9 pounds per minute. This Fusion CS comes standard with the Round 01 mix chamber, but Graco also provides a variety of other chamber and tip combinations to best fit your needs as well.

Take back an hour of each day with the Fusion CS 01RD gun for spray foam and coating equipment. Order with Intech Equipment and Supply using our three convenient ways to shop – Online, in person or by phone.

Operation Manual: 312666
Brochure: 300615

CS01RD - RD0101 (01) round mix chamber (.042 orifice size)