graco fusion cs gun - wd0101


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CS01WD Fusion Spray Foam Equipment by Graco

Learn what all the talk is about and get introduced to the Fusion CS liquid purge spray gun by Graco. A consistent favorite among contractors, this durable and versatile Fusion gun doubles as coating and spray foam equipment. Boasting an impressive line up of features – the star of the show is the Clear Shot liquid purge cartridge that keeps your mix chamber clean.

Traditional spray foam equipment takes a beating by nature, wear and tear is just inevitable when you are working with harsh plural component materials. Meticulous, time consuming maintenance is necessary each day in order to ensure you prevent as much build up as possible – and limit the breakdown of your equipment. With the liquid purge Fusion Gun, internal processes are automated, which keeps build up from happening and ultimately prevents the expensive common wear and tear. The liquid releases each time you press the trigger – and the mix chamber stays clean without the need for regular drilling.

Other great features on the CS01WD Fusion Gun include variable flow technology – an industry first for spray foam equipment - allowing you to spray up to 10 different settings with the quick change between. Get into small spots and cover big areas all with one piece of equipment. The Fusion Gun fluid head also makes operation easy and flexible – allowing you to swap fluid heads in seconds and while preventing build up thanks to the nonstick cover. At a 16 inch distance, spray foam at 9 pounds per minute and spray polyurea at 1.6 GPM. Your jobs stay on time and ahead of schedule, and your equipment gives you a better result!

Learn more about the Fusion Gun and how you can revolutionize your spray foam equipment line up today with Intech Equipment and Supply. Browse the online store for the full array of Fusion kits – or call our pros and weigh the features, specs and more- to ensure you get the gun you need to make your business better today!

Operation Manual: 312666
Brochure: 300615

CS01WD - WD0101 wide mix chamber (.039 orifice size)