graco fusion cs gun - fl0202, ft0838


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Fusion Gun CS02F5 by Graco

Less maintenance and enhanced spraying capabilities are the top attractions in the Fusion Gun by Graco. The Fusion CS line up includes a variety of chamber and tip combinations to cover all the patterns and output demands that your job sites will throw your way. Choose the CS0245 for foam and polyurea, or browse the full selection right here at our online store.

The Fusion Gun is unique in that it features ClearShot Liquid purge technology instead of a more traditional air or mechanical purge functionality. While Graco’s extensive line up includes variations for all 3- the Fusion CS is a cut above the rest boasting even more features that make your results better and maintenance lessened. Each Fusion Gun set up comes complete with a chamber and a spray tip, the CS02F5 includes the FL0202 mixing chamber and the FT0838 flat tip – Producing a pattern of 18 inches when spraying from a 24 inch distance. The CS02F5 polyurea output is at 1.3 GPM, while foam output is at 9 pounds per minute.

ClearShot technology keeps your mix chamber cleaner, allowing you to spray for longer. Additional anti-crossover features and streamlined maintenance features contribute to better productivity and less wear and tear on your equipment. Your spray jobs are kept on schedule, and your equipment is kept in top shape longer thanks to built in, consistent cleaning processes. Using liquid purge has additional advantages as well, such as reducing purge air and material blow back.

Get the CS02F5 Fusion Gun ordered online today at Intech Equipment, or review additional options available in the Graco line up. As a top 20 distributor for three years running, we can assist you every step of the way – From feature comparison, to chamber and tip selection, and everything in between.

Operation Manual: 312666
Brochure: 300615

CS02F5 - FL0202 mix chamber with FT0838 flat tip (.052 orifice size)