graco fusion cs gun - fl0202, ft0848


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Fusion Gun CS02F6 Coating and Spray Foam Equipment

Spray foam equipment meets break through engineering and technology with the Fusion Gun featuring ClearShot liquid purge technology. The Fusion CS is set apart from every other spray gun in the industry, with advanced features that give you a better material result and reduce the time you have to spend on maintenance for your equipment. Spray time is increased, both from less maintenance and from increased versatility and spraying capabilities.

Use the Fusion Gun CS02F6 for coatings and spray foam. Featuring variable flow capabilities, a first in spray foam equipment, you get enhanced versatility from 10 different spray settings. Get into the tough to reach spots and easily switch for larger application patterns. The fluid head can be changed out in a few seconds, and the anti-stick cover keep the head of your gun cleaner. A newly designed manifold further contributes to the anti-crossover design, and between the ClearShot liquid purge and Chromex coated chamber and side seals, wear and corrosion from the harsh plural component materials is kept to a minimum.

Each Fusion Gun comes with a mix chamber and spray tip – The CS02F6 includes the FT0848 flat tip (.052 orifice) and the FL0202 mixing chamber. Graco’s spray foam equipment line up includes a wide array of combinations of the Fusion Gun to meet any job site demand that comes your way.

Upgrade your equipment line up today, or learn more about the Fusion Gun for future plans! Annual savings from reduced maintenance equate to a large return on your investment, and because the ClearShot liquid purge keeps your gun consistently cleaner, you extend the use life versus other traditional spray foam equipment. Get in touch with our pros for access to additional resources, or simply place your order online!

Operation Manual: 312666
Brochure: 300615

CS02F6 - FL0202 mix chamber with FT0848 flat tip (.052 orifice size)