graco fusion cs gun - rd0202


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Graco CS Fusion Gun RD0202 for Spray Foam and Coatings

Improve your results and cut the time you spend on maintenance with the Fusion CS, loaded with features thanks to Graco advanced engineering and product design technology. Your polyurea and spray foam jobs will never be the same once you deploy the Fusion CS 02RD – and the old way will never come back! Better mix, and better spraying precision – plus reduced maintenance preventing building up and wear and tear – the Clear shot built in liquid purge keeps your mix chamber clean and lets you continue to spray.

With the Fusion Gun CS02RD savings come in two ways, first with the Clear Shot liquid cartridge that slips into the spray gun handle, and releases the liquid into the mix chamber each time you pull the trigger. No longer requiring consistent stopping and drilling of the mix chamber, jobs can stay ahead of schedule and your equipment isn’t suffering from the wear and tear. The Fusion Gun also has easy change fluid heads, allowing you to swap in just mere seconds, and also featuring a non stick coating that prevents build up from happening on the fluid head itself. Spray up to 10 different patterns, as the Fusion CS is the first in the plural component spray equipment industry to offer variable flow technology.

With the Fusion CS RD0202, you see the impact immediately! Jobs run smoother, results are better and maintenance is brought to a minimum – Saving you on average 5 hours a week. Your investment is further protected because the Fusion Gun will spray at peak performance longer, since the harsh materials aren’t building up and causing costly damage.

Make the choice to put leading Graco technology in action on your job sites, and order the Fusion CS RD0202 today at Intech Equipment and Supply. Spray foam at 14 pounds per minute and polyurea at 2.4 GPM – or browse alternative chamber/tip Fusion Gun combinations here at the Intech online store.

Operation Manual: 312666
Brochure: 300615

CS02RD - RD0202 (02) round mix chamber (.052 orifice size)