graco fusion cs gun - wd0303


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Fusion CS03WD for Spray Insulation and More

Invest in your business and get hours back in a week with the Fusion CS spray gun by Graco. A full line up of chamber and tip combinations provide an extensive selection to meet virtually every need in the market today! Designed for plural component jobs, the Fusion CS allows you to apply spray insulation at record speed – without the long down times spent on maintenance seen with other spray equipment. Get up to 10 different spray settings, and save up to an hour each day in maintenance with the Fusion CS03WD.

The CS03WD is designed for spray insulation only, applying foam at 19 pounds per minute in an 18 inch pattern (from a 24 inch distance). Need to spray polyurea too? Not to worry, alternative Fusion CS options are available that accommodate both plural component applications, view those here.

The difference in the Fusion CS by Graco is ClearShot liquid purge cleaning technology – Instead of having to stop working and drill out your mix chamber to prevent build up, ClearShot liquid works while you spray to keep your mix chamber clear and prevent build up. Each time you push the trigger, liquid is released into the mix chamber. The cartridges are disposable and easy to replace, keeping you up and running longer and pushing your jobs to max profitability.

The CS03WD and all the Fusion CS guns also feature an industry first in plural component equipment – Versatile variable flow technology. Switch between patterns in just seconds, spraying large areas and small areas with just an adjustment. The spray head on your Fusion Gun is also kept clean, thanks to a non stick coating that prevents build up. With fast swap fluid heads, 10 different settings and Clear Shot liquid purge – you are spraying for the better part of the day.

Operation Manual: 312666
Brochure: 300615

CS32WD - WD0303 wide mix chamber (.057 orifice size)