graco fusion cs gun - fl2020, ft0438


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Graco Fusion CS Gun - FL2020, FT0438 for Coatings and Spray Foam

Get results like never before on your spray foam jobs with the Fusion CS spray gun featuring liquid purge, clear shot technology. For both coatings and spray foam applications, the breakthrough engineering and technology allow you to spray longer, and get a better result while maintaining the overall function of your sprayer. Clear shot essentially gets rid of the demand to drill in the mix chamber as seen with most other spray guns. You spray for longer, and spend significantly less time on maintenance – save up to an hour a day!

The Fusion CS is also the very first of its kind – a plural component spray gun that features variable flow capabilities. You can switch between larger and smaller spraying patterns – easily accommodating spray foam and coating job demands. The light weight design is comfortable and easy to handle, and provides access to tight, small areas for expert applications. With 10 different settings – This is an investment that will benefit your job sites for years to come!

Operation is simpler and streamlined with the Fusion CS in other ways as well, including easy swapping for the fluid head – switch it out in a matter of seconds. The ‘Air Knife’ design cuts build up from the caustic materials, and the non stick coating keeps the head of the gun cleaner for longer. All in all, you get optimal performance and increased operation time.

Order your Fusion CS 20F2 today at Intech Equipment and Supply. Purchase includes the Fusion CS spray gun, as well as the FL2020 mix chamber and the FT0438 flat Graco spray tip. Use for spray foam, and apply a 10 inch pattern at 3 pounds per minute – or for coatings, .6 GPM. Browse the full line of Fusion CS tip and chamber combinations, or review with our Graco pros to ensure you select the best kit for your job site demands.

Operation Manual: 312666
Brochure: 300615

CS20F2 - FL2020 mix chamber with FT0438 flat tip (.020 orifice size)